Hello and welcome to my chiropractic blog!  This blog will contain information and discussions which you should find extremely interesting.  The reason you should find this information so interesting is because it is about YOUR health.  Please feel free to add your comments to the discussion.  While much of chiropractic has finally been accepted by mainstream allopathic health care (aka. Medical Health Care), some of it is still controversial.  In the last couple decades while much of chiropractic has become less controversial, some of allopathic health care has become MORE controversial.  This should all make for some interesting and lively discussions on this blog.  If there is some topic which has not been discussed and you think it could be interesting, please feel free to add a comment about it or send me an email.

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I welcome and encourage you to comment on this blog page even if you started out on Facebook, Twitter or some other source.  Everyone will end up here and, therefore, more people will read your comment than if you leave it somewhere else.  If your comment is “off-topic” please send it me in a private email, so people who come to this site only read about things they are interested in.  I do get a LOT of emails every day, so please start your subject line with “Chiroblog – <subject>”

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