Do You Get Migraines With Auras?

Information You Should Know

woman with headacheA recent study published in the AMA Journal indicated that women who get migraine headaches with auras have a higher risk of other serious health problems.   Read this article for greater insight and do give Chiropractic treatment a try.  Many migraine suffers are able to reduce or eliminate their need for potentially dangerous prescription medication when they receive adjustments.

Pregnant? Don’t Put Your Baby At Risk!

This Medication Can Cause Devastating Harm

pregnancy-drugsPregnancy, in and of itself, can often trigger emotions that make it extremely difficult to cope with depression.  While obviously, the wisest choice for expectant mothers is to be completely free of medications before, during and even after pregnancy if nursing.  Some obstetricians tend to see it differently and feel that the benefits to the mother of continued use of anti-depressants will outweigh any risks to the fetus.  Prozac, once thought to be relatively safe, has been indicated in an increased risk of autism and Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension (PPH) to the unborn baby.  20% of infants with PPH will die and many will need a lung transplant. Read more here.

Complaints Are Soaring From This Common Surgery

Hip ReplacementPain, inflammation, tissue damage and rashes

As our population ages, orthopedic surgeries are becoming more routine, and hip replacement surgery is now one of the most commonly performed procedures. Not only is it more frequent, but the average age of the recipient is much younger. Consequently, it’s now more important than ever to know that the replacements will last longer and not be fraught with complications. Unfortunately, complaints of failed hip surgeries are in the news all the time and are the source of numerous class action lawsuits. Certain types of devices are now the subject of FDA investigations. Read on for further information.

This Surgery Has Doubled In The Last Decade

But At What Cost?

DePuy-Hip-Joint-FDA-RecallAs the Boomer generation ages, joints ache, knees fail, arthritis sets in, and the typical 45-64 year old finds himself less able to participate in activities formerly enjoyed. Television ads depicting Boomers engaging in active sports and leisure activities have led to a generation that feels as if body parts can be surgically swapped out like tires on a car. Aside from surgical risks such as blood clots, infection and potentially lethal reactions to anesthesia, there is now sufficient evidence that the replacement knees and hips are not living up to their promise and failing early on. Read this article for additional information on the topic.

Pregnant, or Know Someone Who Is?

80% of Newborn Umbilical Cord Blood Contains These VERY Scary Toxins…..

Umbilical CordWow!!!  If this doesn’t scare you right to the organic food aisle at your health food store, we don’t know what will.  We have all heard the unfortunate news that many of our crops (corn, soybeans, sugar beets, etc) are now being genetically modified (chemically) to produce higher yields and resist pests.

The GM (Genetically Modified) toxins are supposed to be fully destroyed in the human gut and pass out of the body, theoretecially causing “no harm.”  However, according to a recent study performed at the Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Sherbrooke Hospital Centre in Quebec, Canada, the toxins are now found in 93% of blood samples from pregnant women and in 80% of umbilical cord blood.  Please read the following article for much more enlightening information on the subject: Read more

Can They Really FORCE You To Do This???

New California Law Mandates Whooping Cough Vaccinations for Grades 7 – 12

VaccinationRecently there is a ton of publicity about 7th. through 12th. graders having to get the Tdap vaccine before they can enroll in public or private school this coming school year.  Signs and banners are everywhere, school publications are arriving, and it’s even in newspaper ads.  We actually saw it in the grocery store sales circulars!  Apparently, some officials have come to the conclusion that children who received the whooping cough immunizations before age 5 are not sufficiently protected, so now they have mandated that all students in middle and high school receive the vaccine again.  Yep, this is one of the last things that Gov. Schwarzenegger did before leaving office.

Well, don’t panic!  All of you, and there are quite a few, who have decided NOT to immunize your children, you are still able to file a legal exemption to the requirement by exercising your rights.  Exemption to immunization in the state of California is still permitted as follows:

Personal Beliefs Exemption A parent or guardian may have a child exempted from required immunizations if immunization is contrary to his/her beliefs. Schools have standardized procedures for parents and guardians who request a personal beliefs exemption.

Medical Exemption A licensed physician (MD or DO) who feels a vaccine is not indicated for a student because of medical reasons should submit to the school (via the patient’s family as needed) a written statement documenting the medical exemption. A form that can assist in this process is expected to be available shortly. The school will place a copy of the completed statement in the student’s file.

For those of you who would like to learn more about the various vaccines and the reported side effects, please check out the website  We’re pretty sure you’ll find it an eye-opening experience.

All About Sneezing……

What’s Your Genetic Style?

Sneezing Man Sneezing……is it a sign of spring hay fever or that change of weather cold you catch every year?  Seems inevitable, but know how to protect yourself and others from more serious consequences.

Bright sunlight, an over-filled stomach, dust, pollens, gasses, fumes, smoke, allergens, and, of course, disease will all cause sneezing.  It’s actually a fairly complex physical response that involves the chest, throat and face.  The release of air can be upwards of 100 to 160 mph and can expel between 5,000 to 40,000 droplets.  We are all programmed genetically in the manner in which we sneeze: one, two, three or more in a row.  It’s something we can’t change.

In order to protect yourself and others and minimize your chances of back injury, remember these 3 things:

  1. Always cover your sneeze, including both your nose and mouth
  2. Don’t pinch your nose in an attempt to stop or muffle the sound.   Trapping all that pressure can damage   your ears, including the middle ear and eardrum, or cause an infection
  3. Always bend your knees slightly and place your hand firmly in the small of your back when you feel a sneeze coming on

Would You Eat Acrylamide?

Surprise!  You Already Do

Potato ChipsIt sounds like the name of a paint thinner, or perhaps a preservative added to those “delicious, nutritious” frozen convenience dinners.  Actually, it’s a dangerous chemical formed by reaction to high heat cooking.  The higher the heat and the longer it’s heated, more of the chemical is formed.   We know there are health risks, including possible cancers and reproductive damage.  Read on to find out more.

Double the Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death

Might Want to Stay Away from This Type of Medication

DrugsThese drugs do far more than “handle” certain serious mental health problems; they can cause sexual dysfunction, alter your blood chemistry, increase your risk for diabetes, decrease your life span, plus they could also double your risk for sudden cardiac death.  Read this article for additional information about the cardiac risk associated with antipsychotic medications.

Is This SAFE During Pregnancy?

The Answer Might Surprise You

Pregnant According to the American Pregnancy Association, chiropractic care throughout all trimesters of pregnancy is safe and effective with no known contraindications.  Chiropractors have specialized training for pregnancy and post natal care, as well as infant care.

Once the fetus has grown some, typically in the second trimester, most chiropractors will utilize an adjusting table with a pelvic drop piece in order to accommodate the woman's growing abdomen.  Gentle techniques that avoid putting excessive pressure on the abdomen are used as well.  Stretching and exercises are usually recommended.

Due to the physiological and hormonal changes that naturally occur during gestation, the ligaments will loosen in preparation for the delivery; this often times causes increased lumbar curve and misalignment in the spine, and, of course, pain.  During this period, sciatic pain traveling down one or both legs, is a common occurrence due to the pressure from the baby.  In addition, many women will suffer from generalized back pain and/or leg cramps during the third trimester and experience headaches, including migraines.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy can bring great relief to ALL of these common discomforts. The sciatic nerve, the largest nerve in the body, runs underneath the uterus and down the legs to the sole of the foot; the developing fetus can put pressure on this nerve.  Also due to pressure from the baby, leg cramping and muscle spasms will affect approximately 50% of pregnant women.  Back pain will affect between 50-70% of pregnant women and can occur at any point during the pregnancy.  Due to shifting hormone levels, weight gain, postural changes and pressure from the baby, back pain can disrupt your sleep and dramatically affect your quality of life.  Headaches may be the most common complaint, affecting the majority of pregnant women.  During the first trimester, they are caused mostly by hormonal changes, but during the third trimester, their cause is usually due to tension and postural changes due to the weight of the baby.  Neck and mid-back adjustments can help bring the cervical spine back into alignment.

The benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy reach far beyond pain control.  When the pelvis is aligned, there will be more room for the developing fetus so it will not be constrained.  When the time is near for delivery, the chiropractic adjustments will enable the baby to get into the best position for the birth and lessen the chance of a cesarean delivery.  Most women who receive regular chiropractic care during their pregnancies not only have a much easier delivery, but they tend to recover more rapidly as well.

If you are pregnant, or you know any expectant mothers, please come in for a no charge, no obligation consultation.  We have the extra training, 30 years experience as well as the necessary adjusting table.  Our goal is to help make your pregnancy and delivery a wonderful, healthy, pain free experience!

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