Do You Get Migraines With Auras?

Information You Should Know

woman with headacheA recent study published in the AMA Journal indicated that women who get migraine headaches with auras have a higher risk of other serious health problems.   Read this article for greater insight and do give Chiropractic treatment a try.  Many migraine suffers are able to reduce or eliminate their need for potentially dangerous prescription medication when they receive adjustments.

Pregnant? Don’t Put Your Baby At Risk!

This Medication Can Cause Devastating Harm

pregnancy-drugsPregnancy, in and of itself, can often trigger emotions that make it extremely difficult to cope with depression.  While obviously, the wisest choice for expectant mothers is to be completely free of medications before, during and even after pregnancy if nursing.  Some obstetricians tend to see it differently and feel that the benefits to the mother of continued use of anti-depressants will outweigh any risks to the fetus.  Prozac, once thought to be relatively safe, has been indicated in an increased risk of autism and Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension (PPH) to the unborn baby.  20% of infants with PPH will die and many will need a lung transplant. Read more here.

Complaints Are Soaring From This Common Surgery

Hip ReplacementPain, inflammation, tissue damage and rashes

As our population ages, orthopedic surgeries are becoming more routine, and hip replacement surgery is now one of the most commonly performed procedures. Not only is it more frequent, but the average age of the recipient is much younger. Consequently, it’s now more important than ever to know that the replacements will last longer and not be fraught with complications. Unfortunately, complaints of failed hip surgeries are in the news all the time and are the source of numerous class action lawsuits. Certain types of devices are now the subject of FDA investigations. Read on for further information.

This Surgery Has Doubled In The Last Decade

But At What Cost?

DePuy-Hip-Joint-FDA-RecallAs the Boomer generation ages, joints ache, knees fail, arthritis sets in, and the typical 45-64 year old finds himself less able to participate in activities formerly enjoyed. Television ads depicting Boomers engaging in active sports and leisure activities have led to a generation that feels as if body parts can be surgically swapped out like tires on a car. Aside from surgical risks such as blood clots, infection and potentially lethal reactions to anesthesia, there is now sufficient evidence that the replacement knees and hips are not living up to their promise and failing early on. Read this article for additional information on the topic.

Would You Eat Acrylamide?

Surprise!  You Already Do

Potato ChipsIt sounds like the name of a paint thinner, or perhaps a preservative added to those “delicious, nutritious” frozen convenience dinners.  Actually, it’s a dangerous chemical formed by reaction to high heat cooking.  The higher the heat and the longer it’s heated, more of the chemical is formed.   We know there are health risks, including possible cancers and reproductive damage.  Read on to find out more.

Double the Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death

Might Want to Stay Away from This Type of Medication

DrugsThese drugs do far more than “handle” certain serious mental health problems; they can cause sexual dysfunction, alter your blood chemistry, increase your risk for diabetes, decrease your life span, plus they could also double your risk for sudden cardiac death.  Read this article for additional information about the cardiac risk associated with antipsychotic medications.

But They Told Us It Was SAFE………

These Items May Leach Even More Dangerous Chemicals

BPA Free LogoRemember the uproar over the dangers of the BPA in plastics, particularly baby bottles and water bottles, and in food cans, thermal credit card and cash register receipts and U.S. Federal currency?  Next came the BPA FREE products, and we were told they were SAFE!    Well, as it turns out, according to the Journal of Environmental Prospectives, those products might release even more chemicals with “estrogenic activity.”   These chemicals mimic estrogen and are suspect for disrupting normal endocrine functioning.    Some scientists link the chemicals to cancer, obesity and liver disease.  Read this article for additional eye-opening information:

Women Who Take These Have a 30% Higher Risk of Bone Fracture

Often Ineffective, These Pills Can Be Dangerous

AntidepressantsNot only are anti-depressants highly ineffective in a large percentage of patients, but they carry risks that are unacceptable.  The popular drug Abilify has 75 known side effects! According to an article published in the May 2008 Journal of General Internal Medicine, anti-depressants can increase a woman’s chance of bone fracture by a whopping 30%.  Read more by linking to this article.

Bottled Water

Think Bottled Water is SAFE to Drink???  Think Again Folks!

Brands of Bottled WaterRecently we have been made aware of the BPA toxicity in plastic water bottles, and, of course, we all know that they are not so eco-friendly, but have you ever looked at a real study of bottled water?  Wow!  Are you in for a surprise!  The EWG (Environmental Working Group) has been testing bottled water for some time.  Here is a link to their site where you can download the full report entitled  “2011 Bottled Water Scorecard


How To INCREASE Your Chances of Breast Cancer

SOY – NOT As Healthy as You Think!

SoyEven though much evidence points the other direction, during the last decade, the prevalence of soy as  a health food has proliferated many forms of advertising media. You’re probably asking yourself WHY.  Simply because soy crops are cheap and easy, and soy is now a multi-billion dollar, high profit industry!

Shocked? You’re not alone!  While many of us thought we were doing something good for ourselves and our families by switching to soy milk and consuming more soy in our day to day meals, we were totally unaware of all the negative aspects.

Did you know that drinking just 5-8 ounces of soymilk a day has been shown to suppress thyroid function?  According to a recent article by Joseph Mercola, MD (www.mercola.com) consumption of unfermented soy can also lead to increased risk of breast cancer due to the plant based estrogen compounds, cognitive decline, kidney stones due to the oxalate (compound that binds with calcium and forms stones), impaired immune function, impaired fertility, infant health problems and serious, potentially fatal allergic reactions.

John Hopkins Health Alerts states that non-fermented soy milk prevents the absorption of vitamins and minerals and can contribute to deficiencies.  The phyto-estrogens can trigger early puberty in children, and the phyto-chemicals isoflavones have been linked to leukemia.  A 2008 study indicated that men whose diet was high in soy products had a lower sperm count.

In addition to all the negative health consequences of soy, the soy industry adds more insult to injury by the fact that over 90% of all soybeans cultivated in the U.S. are genetically modified.  This means they have high levels of systemic pesticides from the exposure to Round Up.

Recommended reading to find out more about soy is Dr. Kaayla Daniel’s book, The Whole Soy Story or his blog.

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