Ultimate Health Complex

Ultimate Health Complex

After many years of attempting to find the PERFECT vitamin and mineral complex, we decided to special order a custom formula made to our exact specifications.  We’ve omitted the copper and iron, as these are better off administered separately due to toxicity.  We feel that the Ultimate Health Complex is as complete as possible and are proud to offer it as our most popular supplement.

Manufactured in the U.S. under strict quality control standards, Ultimate Health Complex  is free of bovine, corn, egg, gluten, milk, rice, sodium, wheat, yeast, synthetic dyes, added starches, artificial flavoring and preservatives.

Ultimate Health Cardio

Ultimate Health Cardio

This formula is a great dietary supplement designed to support cardiovascular function and maintain cholesterol levels within the normal range.  It contains proven nutrients of chromium, red yeast rice, policosanols, phytosterols from soy, Co-enzyme Q10, lipids, artichoke leaf extract and EPA.

Red yeast rice has been used for centuries by the Chinese, and studies have shown that it can lower the LDL, or bad cholesterol by approximately 25% in just 2 months.  When purchasing supplements containing red yeast rice, it is crucial to buy one that has been manufactured under very strict guidelines, as ours has, in order to ensure consistency and purity.  Many nutritional supplements manufactured in foreign countries do not run any assay tests or have quality control standards.

Caution should be used when combining red yeast rice with a cholesterol lowering prescription medication such as Lipitor or Mevacor.  Many of our patients have been able to successfully control their cholesterol levels without the need for prescription medication solely by taking our Ultimate Health Cardio supplement.

PLEASE discuss your medical history in detail, including any regular medications with us prior to beginning this supplement.

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