If You’re Not, You SHOULD BE Afraid of This!

Act NOW to Ban Triclosan!  You CAN Help!

Toxic ChemicalSuper germs are pretty scary!  When infectious diseases become highly resistant to even second line antibiotics, it turns into a major health epidemic.  It’s really only since the late 60’s that infectious diseases have come back with a vengeance.  Three factors have greatly contributed to this: 1) abuse of antibiotics, 2) use of histamine blockers such as omeprazole, and 3) the introduction of anti-bacterial chemicals, such as Triclosan,  into many of our personal care products.

Triclosan is an antimicrobial agent widely used in hand sanitizers, hand soap, lotions, detergents, toothpaste, hair products, body washes, cosmetics, deodorant, paint, air filters, blankets, carpeting, towels, and even clothing and childrens’ toys! In humans, Triclosan has been indicated to disrupt hormones, particularly thyroid, weaken the immune system, cause reproductive problems including birth defects, increase resistance to antibiotics, increase allergies and immune disorders and affect uncontrolled cell growth.  In lab animals, it’s been shown to cause cancer.

When you wash your hands with a product containing Triclosan, it, unlike plain soap, stays on your skin for hours.  When you hand wash dishes with an anti-bacterial dish detergent, you are inhaling the  dangerous chemical chloroform, which is formed by the Triclosan mixing with the chlorine in the water.

Currently, Triclosan is being investigated by the USDA, which is particularly concerned about the health affects on pregnant women and children.

Please check out this website to learn more about the dangers of Triclosan and how you can help ban this very toxic chemical.   Meanwhile, you might want to start using plain soap!

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