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From Cradle to Grave, Americans Show Gullibility

Are We That Unwary, or Is it Just Slick Marketing?

Straw ManBig Pharma is all about slick marketing.  We’ve mentioned this before in other posts.  When we, as a population, are bombarded repeatedly day after day with advertisements – “Pills for our Ills”, some, if not most of us, begin to believe we actually NEED them.  The doctor writes the prescription and we blindly head off to the pharmacy without giving it a second thought.

What about diet, exercise, adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes regular preventive care?  Cholesterol, triglycerides, diabetes and many musculo-skeletal conditions, do respond well when permanent lifestyle changes are made.  Take a minute to read this article and then think about all the potentially detrimental side effects you, or someone you know, may unnecessarily be suffering:

These Most Commonly Taken Drugs Are Dangerous!

Think Your Non-opioid Painkiller is Safe??? Think Again!


Most people are well aware of the dire warnings surrounding usage of the opioid painkillers such as Vicodin, Hydrocone, Morphine and Oxycodone.   Side effects may include addiction, severe constipation, impairment, nausea, vomiting, weakness, drowsiness, itching and urinary difficulties –just to name a few.  But somehow, the general public has been lead to believe that non-opioid analgesics are SAFE.  However, many of these drugs, some of which we have come to trust, through a multitude of television commercials and magazine ads, can cause serious and sometimes fatal side effects including cardiovascular disease such as heart attacks and strokes.

This article from brings to light the dangers of both the non-prescription and the prescription NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.)

The Most Dangerous Prescription Drugs

Are You Taking One of The Most Dangerous Prescription Drugs

Prescription PillsShockingly, almost 50% of Americans take at least one prescription drug daily, and many take up to a dozen.  Prescription drugs account for the fastest growing segment of the healthcare market.  While drugs have their place and can save lives under the appropriate circumstances, most of the time less dangerous options and remedies are available.

Pharmaceutical companies are spending billions every year to aggressively market drugs that have not been properly tested to both the general public and the prescribing doctors.  Just watch the TV commercials or thumb through any of the major magazines to see the prevalence of ads, many of them terribly misleading.  Unfortunately, almost half of the public is under the belief that only “safe” drugs can be advertised.

Many prescription drugs are fraught with horrible side effects or can even be fatal.  For decades, chiropractors have been warning patients to take a more natural approach, whenever possible, that includes dietary changes, exercise, lifestyle modifications and conservative chiropractic care.  This article from lists the 5 most dangerous types of prescription drugs.

Migraine Headaches

Are you one of the 28 million Americans suffering with this?

Are you one of the 28 million Americans who is tired of suffering from recurring migraine headaches?

Headache imageDo you worry about long term medication side effects, or find that medication is less than efficacious, then perhaps it’s time to give chiropractic a try.  A study published in Headache magazine in January 2003 of patients with recurring migraines found that 2 out of 3 delayed or avoided taking prescribed drugs due to concerns about treatment side effects.  The most commonly prescribed drugs are triptans, which work by affecting the serotonin levels to constrict the blood vessels and block some of the pain pathways in the brain. Anyone at risk for cardiovascular or liver disease should not take this class of medication.   Some patients are allergic and can develop itching, muscle twitching, high fever, vomiting and difficulty breathing.  If the triptans are combined with certain anti-depressants, the risk of seizure is greatly increased.

Some of the side effects of the triptans and other prescription migraine medications included fatigue, nausea, dizziness, muscle weakness, chest pressure, sleepiness, impaired concentration and racing heartbeat.  At the very best, the medications are only effective about 50% of the time, and it’s quite difficult to regulate to the proper dosage.

Many patients experience very positive results with chiropractic treatment and are happy to be off their medications and not having to worry about serious reactions or interactions with other medications.  In a study published in the Journal or Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics in February 2000, 127 migraine patients who experienced at least 1 migraine headache per month were divided into 2 groups.  Group no. 1 received specific chiropractic adjustments, while group no. 2 (the control group) received fake electrical stimulation (no current delivered).  After 2 months of treatment, the chiropractic group experienced significant improvement in the frequency, duration and amount of disability of their migraines, as well as decreased need for medication.  In fact, 20% of the chiropractic patients reported a 90% reduction in frequency, and 50% reported substantial improvement in severity.

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