The Most Dangerous Prescription Drugs

Are You Taking One of The Most Dangerous Prescription Drugs

Prescription PillsShockingly, almost 50% of Americans take at least one prescription drug daily, and many take up to a dozen.  Prescription drugs account for the fastest growing segment of the healthcare market.  While drugs have their place and can save lives under the appropriate circumstances, most of the time less dangerous options and remedies are available.

Pharmaceutical companies are spending billions every year to aggressively market drugs that have not been properly tested to both the general public and the prescribing doctors.  Just watch the TV commercials or thumb through any of the major magazines to see the prevalence of ads, many of them terribly misleading.  Unfortunately, almost half of the public is under the belief that only “safe” drugs can be advertised.

Many prescription drugs are fraught with horrible side effects or can even be fatal.  For decades, chiropractors have been warning patients to take a more natural approach, whenever possible, that includes dietary changes, exercise, lifestyle modifications and conservative chiropractic care.  This article from lists the 5 most dangerous types of prescription drugs.

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